sexta-feira, 28 de março de 2008

Abel confirms renewal: "In the short term we will come to agreement"

Abel will renew contract with Sporting. The side has in
A proposal hands of the club and soon the situation will be defined. The details are for later, he said himself, but on the stories that give account of their interest in an agreement financially more profitable, Abel reminded the current tax situation of athletes.

"There are interests of Sporting, and I also am convinced that in the short term solve the situation. I have been made a proposal and, as I said, will soon reach agreement. At the time know the other details. What may have read, do not forget that at the moment, a player has a salary reduction of 42 percent of IRS and two percent of Social Security ", defended the player, this Friday.

In other news of the initial, such as Stojkovic, who expressed little unhappy to be used in the Sporting, Abel found that "each is responsible for their actions", but reiterated that the club "there is an open door for players say what I feel. "

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