quinta-feira, 27 de março de 2008

Davis(Rangers) learns to deal with pressure to face Sporting

It is now this Saturday that the Rangers facing the biggest rival, Celtic for the Scottish Premier League. Fulham loan by the Protestants of Glasgow, Steven Davis says he is learning to deal with the pressure of big games.

The average moved up in January to Scotland, but not forget the campaign in the club's UEFA Cup, which will face evidence in the Sporting in quarters-final. Before however, play the Old Firm, against Celtic. "The Scottish league is very different to what I was accustomed, because all teams raise their level when we face", began by referring Steven Davis, the Daily Record.

"Obviously, in the English league all teams are top, but the Rangers is a big club and we have to prove in Europe," added the average, already alluding to the meeting with the lions, day 3.

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