segunda-feira, 31 de março de 2008

Gladstone: "I still have much to show"

Gladstone played this Sunday the holder in the Sporting defence in place of the "punished" Anderson Polga:

"Given the fact that for some time without playing I am happy for my performance, but still have much to show. Respect the Polga and Tonel, which are major players. And, of course, respect the choices of mister. But I will continue to try my space and try to help the team to achieve the objectives. "

About the game of the UEFA Cup on Thursday:

"It will be very difficult because the Rangers have fans that pull the 90 minutes and constantly push the team forward. But with this victory, our morale rose. We played well with the outside Basileira and also deleted the Bolton. The better the outcome in Scotland, more likely terms of forward. "

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