quarta-feira, 12 de março de 2008

Liedson fit for Bolton

Liedson is recovered and will be option for the second game with Bolton, eighths-finals of the UEFA Cup, scheduled for the 20 hours of Thursday for the Alvalade Stadium. After two days to work with limitations, the advanced already worked this morning integrated in the group, apparently without any limitations.

Good news for Paulo Bento who did not win the last three games in which it can not rely on the influential advanced. After the injury suffered in the game with the E. Amadora, in the quarters-finals of the Cup of Portugal, the lions draw with Benfica (1-1) and Bolton (1-1) before losing to the V. Guimarães (0-2).

Absences confirmed in the decisive game on Thursday are those of Miguel Veloso, Purovic, Derlei and Paulo Renato, all are recovering from physical problems.

By late afternoon, Paulo Bento and one player will make the usual preview departure at a press conference which is scheduled for the Alvalade Stadium.

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