sábado, 29 de março de 2008

Paulo Bento on Stojkovic: "A player must have confidence and humility"

Paulo Bento assured this Saturday that the statements of Stojkovic not interfered with his "state of mind", although the goalkeeper was portrayed yesterday with the media, following the comments made on arrival at the airport in Lisbon.

"Do not play in Sporting is a fact", Paulo Bento said about the fact that what is considered the best goalkeeper in Europe is not an option for the team leonina.

"A player has to have confidence and humility. These are two key factors for success and prove that he felt these two factors. Do not interfere in any way with my choices or state of mind ", reinforced the coach.

About the continuity of Stojkovic in Alvalade, which said Tuesday ahead more days of 40/45 season, Paulo Bento recalled that the player has more years of contract it. "I said I had another 50 days to finish the season and it is in this perspective that I am focused. I have another year of contract and Stojkovic has contract for more years than me. Take the decisions at the right time ", found.

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