segunda-feira, 3 de março de 2008

SPORTING 1 - 1 BENFICA, (Vukcevic 11', Cardozo 39')

The derby ended tied. It has all the same in the fight for second place and the access to the Champions League. The result ultimately adjust to, but Benfica have given to understand, in some moments, I had everything under control. At least for the expulsion of Nélson. Something exaggerated.

Čuden lethargy. Vukcevic esticara up whole, the last to arrive and first to Edcarlos and Katsouranis and surprise Quim. The start of Moutinho, a few seconds before, deslocara Tiuí to left and the Brazilian acertara the intersection to fall just beyond the first post. Inofensivo. At least that was the thought of the two central Benfica, too believers before a rival high risk as the Montenegrin-goleador. The guard-networks also touched on the ball during flight possible, that the short time of reflections enabled it to have. Nothing doing. The Sporting hindering the win, to 11 minutes.

The red's seemed quiet. As if the goal was in the program, as if it were something that all esperassem and against which the antidote was already known to happen before. The ball came back to the middle, and the game resumed as if you were 0-0. The mid-field of Benfica trocava the ball with greater or lesser difficulty, with more or less passes wrong. Suddenly, the filão between Nélson and Edcarlos has now expired, the Brazilian central to getting the handling of the Montenegrin and Rodriguez, right now, to help more than Nélson Di María. The lions just getting sh spaces near Quim.

The tie, of course!

Fifteen minutes after the goal of men, Paulo Bento, Benfica continued quietly doing their game. With Rui Costa more present in the wings reversed - Di María Rodríguez started in right and the other side - the encarnados earned trust with the passage of time and by the end of the first 45 minutes had the game under control. Patrick made the first major defence to remate de Rui Costa (27), Rodriguez makes the ball move up centimeters from the left post (35), and finally one of the great right foot in December, "a corner, the ball is finding Cardozo Tonel free for the first goal of the Paraguayan head of the League. The Benfica empatava with naturalness, without having done great pressure, as was also expected.

The second part began as if it were the beginning of the meeting. With the Sporting again on top of the rival board and do rasa of 1-1 and what had happened before the whistle for the interval. The dual Edcarlos and Katsouranis was required to cuts in effort, and even Binya Cardozo were seen helping there ago. The Greek saw even a yellow so early, 53, after he Edcarlos tax to the overthrow Moutinho for not having wanted to go to the clash with the master. The pressure is stressed in the protests rose to the tone when Vukcevic fell in the area, after the same Léo that toppled have been overthrown along the lateral line, creating an imbalance in the defence of such Benfica (60). Paraty sent the following twice. Evil of the two.

The crucifixion of Nélson

Few minutes after starting to heat, Makukula returned to the bank, giving evidence that was not well. Mantorras Adu and the options that were left. But it was Paulo Bento, and twenty minutes from the end, with Izmailov erased in an attack without claw something, the first to change. Out the Russian, entered Celsinho. For the half, Quim denied the goal to Tiuí (70) and Benfica again ensure up from the mid-field of lions. Camacho also did not wait longer. Sepsi launched for the post of Di María. However, shortly after, Nélson was expelled - more apparatus that intention - and Maxi had to make the place.

Benedict just to do the same on the other side, but with numerical advantage. Pereirinha deteriorated, Abel left to increase the power of fire with Purovic. Guessing up the shower and Quim would finally sweat. The excitement would last until the last second. But all was as before. Or almost. Since the goal of Cardozo gives advantage in direct confrontation.

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