segunda-feira, 17 de março de 2008

Sporting 4 - 1 National (Highlights)

João Moutinho
Alvalade yielded to a further display of Moutinho, which has only little of the nickname. Out the 77 minutes for a deserved saves, palms, exciting time, with over 22 thousand fans standing to applaud the performance of the young captain, marked by the leadership, talent and effectiveness. Present in the last three goals of the team, was undoubtedly the manufacturer of the expressive result, the time arrived when the horizon is continuity in the UEFA Cup and rise to second place.

Liedson with Vukcevic
Liedson marked two goals with Vukcevic on scene and entry into the Montenegrin camp could not have been more timely. In a touch of heel, worthy of review, the most advanced medium of Sporting, delayed for Pereirinha, which launched the Brazilian in front for the return to the goals of making the hat. Liedson offered below the 2-0 the captain, having rid itself of two opponents, and even more to reassure the team returned to the beat countryman Rafael.

The immaturity reflected in seconds, time does not affect that many minutes in the field. João Moutinho was always an eye on it, which was somewhat rested on the left, but when the captain realized that the (further) average couple was safe in mid-field, led courage in the attack.

Yannick Djaló and Fellype Gabriel
Yannick Djaló by Sporting and Fellype Gabriel, the Nacional, returned to pitch tonight, the first in the second section, according to the holder, after months of absence following the surgery. They were both in excellent plan, the Advanced Sporting better since returned with a goal. Very dangerous the Brazilian in the first time, placing serious difficulties to the defense of Sporting.

Rafael Bracalli
In the seventh game the holder, after the departure of Benaglio for Wolfsburgo, has four goals, as until then had been only ... Two. An avalanche that Bracalli was impotent, because the fault lies in the heavy defeat on the companions of defence. Highlight for large penalty defended in the second time, the remate de Romagnoli.

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