sábado, 15 de março de 2008

Stojkovic absent due to "private affairs"

Stojkovic of Sporting failed to return to work this morning, Saturday, at the Academy, having dispensed to deal with "private affairs", informs the club. It is recalled that the Serbian goalkeeper, which has not been the option for coach Paulo Bento and whose relationship with the team is far from peaceful, is unhappy with the condition of deputy. Stojkovic is, however, expected tomorrow, for the final training before the game with the National.

On Monday, the team receives the National, at the close of the 23 rd day and, for now, remains a question about the availability of Miguel Veloso, who has been out of the convocation of the second hand of eighths-finals of the Cup UEFA with Bolton. The medium, "myalgia of the face after the left thigh," according to the daily newsletter, trained conditioning, dividing themselves between the gym and treatment.

Izmailov, who was facing the holder Bolton, on Thursday, was also noted in the absence session today, after a day off. The average Russian presents "flu syndrome" and, accordingly, has been low in Alcochete. Also "unfit" are Purovic, face a "sprain of the right knee", Derlei, in recovery, and Paulo Renato, with a "muscle damage". While the center was the gym, the first two submitted, even if the treatments.

The Sporting train again on Sunday, starting at 10.30 hours, and at the end the coach Paulo Bento will preview of the meeting with Nacional.

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