sexta-feira, 7 de março de 2008

Taça UEFA: Bolton 1-1 Sporting

The Sporting was this Thursday empatar to Bolton and brings a good result for the second hand-eighths of the final of the cup that UEFA will decide at their stadium. The Lions played like a two stroke. Initially, virtually nothing, a second showed that are higher if they wish.

The team of Paulo Bento started well below what this season has shown it can do, what we know Bolton played, which is not much. But the English team already eliminated the most quoted At. Madrid and face the lions will not be a susto to the team, Vaz Té. Only a challenge.

The Bolton accepted it and has become more daring bit after seeing that the Sporting only attack the same (very certain) and started to play with more Davies from Helguson for a line of four offensive now for a further three most two. And, yes, to take advantage of this direct football, with many releases forward.

That boldness was rewarded, well, stopped a ball in more for the Portuguese team. It seems that now is normal all tremerem when something like approaches and, in a several attempts, the British bid to gain the zone of risk and McCann opened the marker ¿

The way the first time, the lions were to lose and still had not hit the goalposts. Moutinho almost marked, but the left hand, and that forced oprimeiro remate Al Habsi to a defence was Pererinha was already on top of the range. The lion demourou to agree.

And not with the range awakened, Paulo Bento was observant and ordered Romagnoli come soon, but the Bolton still could have extended the advantage. The crash of Rui Patrício returned the ball. Polga cut in two situations following two other bids much danger when the game finally began to be divided.

But now the organization of Moutinho already started to be compensated with the aggressiveness of Romagnoli and Simon also showed its vigor in England has shown that in Portugal. The match started to tilt to the side of the Portuguese team, the Argentine gave it required the Sporting.

An uprooted the left ended with the ball in the crash of Bolton. Two minutes after the goal of the tie by Simon Vukcevic. Finally Sporting was freed from the chains it seems that the team put on itself and that took a burst.

But, has been seeking the tie, jerked up the Bolton achieve it and tried to be mature to retain important goal out for the decisive clash. And now, already without fear of the balls stops.

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