segunda-feira, 10 de março de 2008

V. Guimarães 2-0 Sporting

If you decide to read this chronic and not find reference to bids danger of Sporting, do not be surprised.

There was very V. Guimarães, team with large letters over the 2007/08 season, the return to their natural habitat. The spirit conqueror raised up is definitely the team and there seems to be no limit to the ambition. The podium is there and Benfica to two points.

It starts to the time comes to change the point of view of analysis. The Sporting lost, it is indeed, could not disguise the weaknesses and limitations of the initial physical, but these men deserve to Cajuda that the analysis part of them, than they did to deserve a triumph unquestioned (2-0).

The V. Guimarães sought seize new opportunity to assume themselves as real candidate for a seat on the podium of the League. In the 17 th day, the reception to Benfica, the scenario had similarities with the present but the response has left questions in the air. Defeat in a final demonstration grey of the team, with Manuel Cajuda to admit that, perhaps, the manta no longer had more where stretch.

Five weeks later, Stadium D. Afonso Henriques again open doors to receive a 'great'. New opportunity, ambitions renewed, and this time, a response can the requirements of a meeting of this size. The technical Victorian changed a formula virtually unchanged until then and was very happy.

With the decline of Desmarets, V. Guimarães passed a 4x2x3x1 for 4x3x3 pure, providing the necessary balance of power in the intermediate sector, the central zone to set the course of the meeting.

Paulo Bento had his team tied by wire, given the accumulated fatigue, and cause create all kinds of solutions to combat a reality grey. The team travel to North plane, after visit to Bolton, and elements such as Miguel Veloso and Tiuí received order of rest despite the importance departure.

Plans for the Sporting damaged. The lions came in, caused fear in the V. Guimarães but soon fell into a spiral of problems. Purovic not resisted a clash with Nilson and burned up a replacement in seven minutes (Vukcevic still has to doubt soon after, but would recover). In the front of the defence, the young Adrien unable to take a second chance as owner and tremia, starting around the debacle of Sporting.

The trio of intermediate V. Guimarães ustrezalo to Moutinho, Romagnoli and Izmailov, leaving room for Adrien Silva get in the game, something that rarely happened. After a pair of losses in ball, the average defensive encolheu up and disappeared from the game. There ago, the Sporting would also denoting nervousness, with the experience difficulties Grimi to stop Alan. Miljan did not correspond to successive requests, but Sereno would give a lesson in efficiency.

Near the interval, following a free, the soul Victorian he was conquistadora. Freedom of João Alves, relief of ineffective Rui Patrício and reloading of providential Sereno, name appropriate to explain the secret location. Serenity and foresight in pursuit of the dream, faced an opponent who could see only a desert of ideas.

Paulo Bento looking at for the seat of thought and alternates in Liedson. Not a trace attacker among the range of options, leaving Miguel Veloso and Pereirinha to refresh a team thirsty for solutions. Without success.

Lucílio Baptista erred in granting a major penalty to V. Guimaraes, as the lack of Grimi began outside the area, justifying itself but the expulsion of the Argentine side. Rui Patrício offset the failed goal and defended the maximum punishment, but only managed to hide the cherry on the cake for a few minutes, because Fajardo was to find the path to peace over the minute 90. Nothing more fair.

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