terça-feira, 29 de abril de 2008

Figo: "I would like to return to Sporting, but there was no proposal"

Luis Figo opened the heart. The end of Inter Milan spoke to Sporttv and addressed several issues. Ensured, for example, that will still play one more season and that I wanted to finish his career being trained by José Mourinho. But before that, the Sporting. Figo ensures that lives in Alvalade the club of his heart and that I would like to have returned, but there has never been a proposal of the leaders to see this happen.

"The Sporting is a club that estimate, is the club of my heart", began by saying. "But it is not my responsibility for not having returned to Sporting. Not again for two reasons. First: "played in the top clubs in Europe, so the Sporting had no financial conditions to hire me, and also because the Portuguese championship is not as strong as the Spanish or Italian championship.

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