sexta-feira, 4 de abril de 2008

Grimi: "If you depend on me I am in Sporting"

Grimi holder was on the left side of the Sporting defence in the game of the first-hand of the quarters-finals of the UEFA Cup with the Rangers. In the end the "lions" left Glasgow with a 0-0 draw in Argentine side that is lent by the Milan "lions" left the security of wanting to remain in Alvalade:

"We left 90 minutes behind. Lack of the game Alvalade. If we the Rangers still have to play a half-final. Lack hard to think of the final."

You are in Alvalade lent by the Milan. It will continue in the Sporting? "I do not yet know nothing. I know that I am happy here. The Sporting already gave me a lot. I am happy with the club and the club me. That is what is important. If you depend on me I am at Sporting next season. "

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