quarta-feira, 9 de abril de 2008

Lee McCulloch (Rangers): "It is a unique opportunity to make history"

Lee McCulloch, the Rangers player, is about to do 30 years, and despite having played in England, in Wigan, believes that the match with Sporting will be the most important of their career. And not just for him but for most of the initial, still very young.

"It will be the biggest game of my career and also of many colleagues. It is a unique opportunity to make history and we will work for it", said the average, at a press conference.

The time of the Rangers has exceeded the expectations of fans, especially at European level, and the player says that the motivation has been the desire to play in Manchester. "The desire to be in the final has been our motivation. We have shown a spirit of unity ever seen. The aim is the final, of course, but first we have to reach the semi-finals ", explained.

McCulloch admits that the "Sporting have an excellent team, which works in the ball", but either move forward. "We set a goal out and overcome Sporting" desired.

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