quarta-feira, 2 de abril de 2008

Paulo Bento: gives recipe for winning: "Security, balance and risk"

Paulo Bento believes the Sporting can win the Glasgow Rangers, in the game of the first hand of the quarters-finals of the UEFA Cup, if fulfill three things it considers essential. "Security, balance, and when we can, risk," pointed out during the conference preview of the meeting this Thursday.

The coach does not want his team facilitates in the defensive aspect, but did not fail to admit that the Sporting will have to be strong in the attack to achieve overcome the Scottish wall: "It is a well-organized team, with a very athletic defensive line, players with good physical size and in the field has good offensive weapons. It is our task to counter its defensive organization, within which is the way we play. But with some security, because the Rangers are a team that, at home, does not suffer goals and needs few opportunities to make them. "

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