segunda-feira, 28 de abril de 2008

Paulo Bento: "We have to look at what we suffered to get here"

The Sporting won at home the Marítimo, by 2-1, and ascended to second place. In statements to the Sport TV Paulo Bento stressed that the team of "lions" back to depend only of themselves to ensure direct presence in the group stage of UEFA Champions League. Carlito Macedo, Assistant Coach of the Marítimo, deplored the second goal of Sporting, which is due to a shoulder:

"It was a fair victory. We started the game almost to lose, in a bid for any lack. We have had times when we could find, fruit of that goal that creates tension, but we better the first part and the second time we were dominating. We have not had any situation of distress. It is a good victory, in an important moment. Today the Sporting is a situation that allows you to think only in it. I was not well before that day. Now we know what we suffered to get here and not go through it. We have two end to dispute now and then a third, which is the least that should worry now."

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