segunda-feira, 7 de abril de 2008


First of all, payperpost is a great idea to add some money, that was my main objective to put me there. There are several forums that discuss the PayPerPost and was in one of them that came up to him ... A group of friends got me to talk more about the operation of the program and I just there for me up.

For new friends who have already done, it is too early because my registration to payperpost is very recent, only I have exchanged views with some people nothing more than that, but it seems to me that there is a very large community. So far not learnt anything with the payperpost, but it is clear that I am still a time and will surely learn something.

Yet received any money, so I can not be thinking about it, not to be count on the money, despite already know and have heard several witnesses to say that the payperpost always paid in hours, and this is good! Well, but on what I will do with the money they earn, is a good question, but perhaps buy various things, from computer equipment, other goods requiring or in other things that we are going to buy myself.

payperpost, a good bet!

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