quarta-feira, 23 de abril de 2008

Pedro Baltazar is the new administrator of SAD

Pedro Baltazar will be consigned to the Board of Directors of Sporting, SAD, on condition representative of Nova Expressão, advertising agency which is the owner and administrator.

The Nova Expressão has 10.24 percent of the capital of SAD leonina, after purchasing a block of shares outside the stock exchange at the beginning of the month.

Pedro Baltazar will join in Filipe Soares Franco, Miguel Ribeiro Teles, Rita Figueira, Pedro Mil Homens in the Board of SAD of Sporting.

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jb disse...

The photo you show at the right side of the text, don't correspond with the real face of Pedro Baltazar new Sporting SAD's new administrator and the owner administrator of Nova Expressao.

If you wont to confirm go to: