terça-feira, 1 de abril de 2008

Ranking IFFHS: Sporting is now the best Portuguese

According to the ranking of the Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS), the Sporting is currently the best Portuguese club. To this end, it was crucial to stay in European competitions, unlike FC Porto and Benfica who were expelled during the month of March

The lions follow in the 36º position of the table, followed by nearby by the neighbors of the Second one Circulate, that came down for the 39º place. Despite of it to have come down nine positions, the F.C. Porto still is 45º. Sp. Braga, Leiria and V. Setúbal continue it figure for this order in the ranking, being that alone the "sadinos" are more well put regarding the last month.

The Chelsea continues it lead the table of the Federation of History and Statistics of the Soccer, but has now the Manchester United to scarce points. The team of Cristiano Ronaldo and Nani recuperated the second place, "pusing" the Milan and the Sevillha. The Hamburgo went up to the top 10, but the big highlight goes for the only team not-europeia of the first ten: the Boca Juniors of the Argentina one collected 44 points in March.

Ranking of clubs in the IFFHS (March)

1. Chelsea
2. Manchester United
3. AC Milan
4. Sevilha
5. Liverpool
6. Boca Juniors
7. Roma
8. Hamburgo
9. Barcelona
10. Arsenal
36. Sporting
39. Benfica
45. FC Porto
144. Sporting de Braga
318. União de Leiria
321. Vitória de Setúbal

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