sábado, 12 de abril de 2008

Romagnoli: "Do not entered in other games and lost so"

Romagnoli, the Sporting player, a comment on the defeat before the homemade Rabgers (0-2) and the consequent elimination quarters-finals of the UEFA Cup:

"We created opportunities but in a counter-attack suffered a goal. Not entered in other games and therefore lost. These are things that happen. In Scotland things came out well and did a great Sporting today. Today everything left over. We had no ability to win. "

[This defeat could affect the morale of the team?] "This defeat affects the present. We must think of the Cup of Portugal and the clearance for the Champions League. We have to raise our heads. "

[Reviewing its provision] "not made a great play. It happens. There are good days and bad, but the important thing is to give everything on the field. "

[Prefer to finish the League in second or win the Cup] "The two things. We do not have to give up something. We lost things this season."

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