quarta-feira, 9 de abril de 2008

Smorty - Get paid to blog

Well, just use the Smorty the very little time, I can even say that the only use two or three days, but has to realize that now should use the service for much longer!

Basically, the Smorty is a service that paid for blogging. Being good for all parties, because we all stand to gain, the owners of the post blogs are giving life to your Blog and earn money... Smorty and while the owners of blogs use their services are gaining popularity, which is very good.

We know that many people who have only the Blogs have only blog for money and I think they do very well, because, well able to take some extra money, so if you are reading this makes a blog for money or blog advertising. Enjoy yet to learn several new things, as you may also know new people.

Official Smorty WebSite: http://www.smorty.com

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