quinta-feira, 3 de abril de 2008

Soares Franco: "Unable to Cristiano Ronaldo who left the Sporting"

Filipe Soares Franco no regrets that the Sporting has left "flee" Cristiano Ronaldo too soon. The president argues that the lions are dealing with different realities and the player who came out in summer 2003 is not the same as now shines with intensity at Old Trafford.

"Unable to Cristiano Ronaldo who left the Sporting. The Sporting has merit in training, but he came spond came to be playing in Mancheter United. I was seeing the game with Roma and, for me, the Manchester, which has eleven field, has eight of the best players in the world. The Cristiano Ronaldo won in being at Manchester United, playing in the best league in the world by playing every year in the Champions League ", stressed.

The current star of the United has to Soares Franco, little to do with the player who has Alvalade. "How can I regret that? He was 18 years old, was not a reference to senior football, nor of European football, "he added.

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