sábado, 3 de maio de 2008

Paulo Bento on Pinto da Costa: "Moutinho is well where is"

The words of appreciation of Pinto da Costa to João Moutinho have been well received by the coach of Sporting, which has no subliminal message in them. "It is an opinion of someone with many years of football and that has a taste for player personnel. I do not think more than that, although there will be a final between the teams here for some time", examined Paulo Bento.

The technician pointed out, however, that the medium could not be in better hands and that the praise of the president of F.C. Porto not disturb the performance of the Portuguese international's Cup final in Portugal. "Of course, affect the João because he is well where he is, where is respected and well treated. Players like to praise in the case from a person with great experience in football. "

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