segunda-feira, 5 de maio de 2008

Romagnoli: "Although we don't feel cleared for the Champions"

Romagnoli, the Sporting player, in statements at the end of victory in Mata Real on the P. Ferreira (1-0), commenting on the fact team "leonina" winning points for opponents direct and depend at this time only a tie to determine directly for the Champions League:

"The major loser was the terms P. Ferreira, because it was a very difficult game. Of course, at the end of the game when we heard the results of the V. Guimarães and Benfica are even more pleased. Although we don't feel cleared for the Champions League, if we lose the next day and Benfica or V. Guimarães earn us overcome. The difference now is that one need only a draw and we know it, but we will as always play to win the Boavista and achieve the direct clearance for the Champions League, which is now the most important for us."

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