domingo, 18 de maio de 2008

Soares Franco: "Overall it was a good season"

Soares Franco, President of Sporting, took stock of providing of Sporting along the season after victory in the final of the Cup of Portugal, facing the F.C. Porto:

"We won the Cup of Portugal, Supertaça, reached the final of the League Cup, not won the championship, but in general it was a good season. If add the number of games that Sporting did, he arrived in the various competitions, I can not say that was bad. We heard very unfair criticism. I still remember for the Liedson, a great professional who can not be here today."

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AM disse...

Lost in translation.... Soares Franco's sentiments not effectively transmitted. Didn't get the gist until I read the PT version. If the translator needs help, am only too happy to contribute.