quarta-feira, 25 de junho de 2008

"Everything is open", says Vladan Stojkovic

The brother and customary spokesman for the goalkeeper of Sporting Vladimir Stojkovic says that the continuity or exit of the Serbian of Alvalade depend on the conversation that the athlete will have with those responsible of Club when returning to Portugal.

"When he reached will talk with the heads of Sporting. I don't want to influence in any way, neither the positive nor negative. It is between him and the Sporting. If they ask me it helps me or opinion for the contract when you say", said Vladan statements in the Antena 1.

Stojkovic has signed a contract for five years with Sporting at the start of last season, but hasn't been well with coach Paulo Bento, which led him to lose the title to the young Rui Patrício.

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