sexta-feira, 20 de junho de 2008

Hélder Postiga: "This goal gives me more will to a great start in Sporting"

Hélder Postiga goal marked the second defeat of Portugal in front of Germany (3-2) that made the elimination of Euro 2008. At the end of the game advanced proved to be determined to have a good performance in Sporting, who will represent the club from next month:

"The team was good, but unfortunately was unable to overcome the lead of Germany. We have had two goals and the ball stopped well is more difficult, but we have to congratulate the mister and the team and to all who made the selection.

It is not a goal that I am reborn. I have a goal that is now being of body and soul in Sporting. It is true that a goal is always important for any player and only gives me even more willing to work and start a large Sporting in and make a good season. To the people of the Sporting promise work to help the team to win competitions."

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