sexta-feira, 27 de junho de 2008

Miguel Veloso either increase

The theme is not new, but turn now to gain further importance, since that time is passing and, despite news to report in the interest of major European clubs in the hiring of Miguel Veloso, the truth is not yet Alvalade reached any formal proposal.

Situation leading those responsible of Sporting to believe that, after all, the player will remain a few more times in the initial training.

In building Visconde of Alvalade, however, admits to the extreme importance that the player has in the initial Paulo Bento, hence, such as A Bola reported in a timely manner, was already being considered the possibility that the labour contract of Miguel Veloso , Valid until 2013, be revised and improved, rising to a level pay according to their importance in the structure. A desire that, until you see, don't come to be put into practice because there was never any conversation to that effect.

Obviously, this will coincide with the will of the athlete, whose salary, he is one of the most important figures of the initial, is well below regarding other players of similar importance. Something that, everything indicates, will be reviewed shortly.

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