domingo, 15 de junho de 2008

Milan opens the door to Veloso

Eventually the doubt: the same Milan is interested in Miguel Veloso and opens the door to the Portuguese international. The rossoneri interest in the couple pearl of Sporting, A Bola was confirmed by the Director-General of the Italian club, Ariedo Braida.

"I would say that Miguel Veloso is a great player", began by praising. In a first approach, Ariedo Braida wanted to flee to the question about the immediate future of the medium unfair. Preferred to talk in the medium term. "For now, I don't think we can see in the near future, Miguel Veloso in Milan. But in the future yes", confessed.

Given the insistence of A Bola, the Italian director-general opened even more doors the San Siro to "lion". And perhaps Miguel Veloso will travel to Italy earlier this summer. "I said that I don't think this happens now, but all scenarios are possible...", noted the manager.

One is that if doubts persist as to when that Milan can call by Miguel Veloso, no doubt was, after this speech Ariedo Braida, the owner of the Italian interest in the medium that is at the service of the National Selection at Euro-2008.

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