quarta-feira, 18 de junho de 2008

Pre-season ends before the Sampdória

The Sporting already set the timetable for pre-season, which begins on July 7, with the initial presentation of the Academy of Alcochete.

The first game of preparation are scheduled for March 12, in front of the Atlético do Cacém, precisely in Alcochete. The July 20 in Albufeira, the "lions" play with the English of Sunderland. Then follows a small stage in the Spanish town of Isla Canela, which ends on 27, with participation in the Guadiana Tournament.

The pre-season ends with two games in Alvalade. First on August 2, in front of the PSV, which serve as the game presentation to members of the team, and then on 9, with Sampdória.

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