sexta-feira, 13 de junho de 2008

Sporting pay four million by Grimi

Not one euro more or less. Four million is the value the Sporting to disburses Grimi ensure. The assurance was given to A Bola by Marcelo Simonian, representative of player, in connection with the counterparts involved in the transfer to Milan in the final Alvalade.

Grimi will sign new contract valid for four seasons, namely until 2012. "The agreement was achieved on the basis of four million and never would if it were for a euro less", said Simonian, who from Argentina ensured that there had been no surrender values for which the Italians demanded by the player.

This may even prove a good deal for Sporting, because in accordance with the Milan will have been contemplated the possibility of Miguel Veloso head to Italy, under the right of preference that the emblem would have ensured Milan during the negotiations.

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