terça-feira, 1 de julho de 2008

Celsinho chance for the Santos

Hired at the start of last season for five years, Celsinho failed to demonstrate its value in Sporting, and it doesn't hide that wants to return to Brazilian soccer. The Santos appear to be the club interested in his services.

The operator of the player, José Bressan, the revealed to radio Record of Brazil have already received contacts of the popular club in São Paulo: "There was contact with the Ilton and the Capella [leaders of Santos]. The interest not departed from us, but the club that certainly make an interesting proposal that will be discussed."

The Brazilian press notes, however, that it will not allow the Santos not to repatriate large sum financial Celsinho, confirming that the loan will be the most viable. For the player, no problem, because whether it is back to his country: "What influence is not to have played in the Brazilian selection. He had achieved these opportunities but ended after having traveled for Portugal. I want to go back to Brazil and selection. And the Santos would be a good way of re-selection."

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