terça-feira, 29 de julho de 2008

Derlei: "Moutinho did well"

Derlei, advanced of Sporting, after the game with Benfica that the "lions" won 2-0. The Brazilian marked the second goal and end raised the issue of the moment among the "lions". The statements of João Moutinho to say that either leave the club:

"Naturally, if the proposal is good for the club and for the athlete. It is a young player and still has many opportunities ahead, but this should be thought by the family and the risk of having injuries. What he said is the ideal time to quit if the Sporting so understand."

"Moutinho did well to express its opinion, is a man, is no kid. Are their beliefs and is now leader of the team. These beliefs were not the day for the night."

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RM disse...

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