quarta-feira, 16 de julho de 2008

"Have patience with the Celsinho" asks the agent of the athlete

Celsinho is a major uncertainty in the current initial of Sporting. The average Brazilian was very close to being loaned to Santos, but the truth is that the deal failed to materialize.

Paulo Bento said yesterday that the transfer of the athlete would be the best option, but this time the couple of 19 years is beginning to believe may be in Alvalade. José Bressan, representative of the athlete, confessed that even the Maisfutebol, before asking "patience" the people of Sporting those responsible.

"The Sporting loan want it only for six months, with an option for six more. But the clubs interested in Celsinho want to have it for a year, at least. Also, want a share in a future sell. I know that the Sporting believes strongly in Celsinho, then I ask to be patient with him."

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