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For many of us, our vehicles give us the freedom to do what we want in our lives. He leads us where we must go. It helps us to work. It helps us to play. For many of us, we define our vehicle.

We see the scene all day: Good people, paralyzed with credit problems, thinking that have nowhere to go to get into a vehicle they need.

There are hundreds of different paths for bad credit - divorce, medical problems, repossessions, slow-paying, bankruptcy - just to name a few. There is no way out. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Why buy from Pierre Money Mart?
Probably the most important question to ask is who to turn to for that all important credit rebuilding auto loan. The answer is Pierre Money Mart simply because Pierre Money Mart is the number one provider of loans for people with bad credit. Why settle for second best? Pierre Money Mart is number one in the WORLD!!!

Will my purchase rebuild my credit?
Definitely! A car loan financed over time is one of the fastest ways to raise your credit score. Each payment improves your credit – all while driving a nice ride.

Will my loan report to the credit bureaus?
All loans arranged by Pierre Money Mart will, but many other auto dealers’ loans will not. We only use major companies that report. If it doesn’t rebuild your credit, why bother?

Will I need a large down payment?
No. Zero down is fine in many cases. If your credit is REALLY BAD, you’ll need some down payment, but Pierre Money Mart will work with you on this.

Can I use my trade for my down payment?
Yes. Many customers choose to take some cash back out of their trade equity.

Won’t my credit get better if I just wait?
Credit doesn’t get better with time, it generally gets worse. Somewhere in your credit history is proof you paid on time for a period of time. If that falls off your credit bureau, you’ll be a higher risk.

Will my information be shared with anyone?
Your credit and personal information is secure and will only be shared with lenders who specifically want to approve your auto loan. We never provide your information to marketing interests.

Will my information be confidential?
Absolutely! Pierre Money Mart complies with all federal and state privacy laws and your information is always confidential.

Will I have to pay a high interest rate?
No. One of the benefits of dealing with Pierre Money Mart is we’re number one. Our volume buying power means lower rates, payments and down payments. We didn’t become number one by having the highest rates, but by having the lowest.

Do I have to work with a car salesman?
No. The complexities of special financing mean you need to work with the experts. You’ll work directly with our Loan Officers and not some car salesman.

Why is Pierre Money Mart special financing better?
We recognized that good people get bad credit AND they need good cars. We’ve got thousands of vehicles choose from and we invested the time, money and effort in developing the number one special finance department in the world. This has allowed us to provide loans for over 75,000 people with credit problems. We’re the biggest and we are the best (no brag, just fact). This means the best deal for you. Don’t settle for less – you deserve the best!

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