terça-feira, 1 de julho de 2008

Sporting doesn't exercise right of first refusal by Carlos Martins

Carlos Martins is very close to being player of Benfica. The Sporting been told by Recreativo de Huelva contours of the negotiations and has already announced that the Andalusian will not exercise the right of first refusal by Portuguese international average.

The agreement between the Benfica and Huelva lies in the payment of three million euros and the player will sign a contract for five seasons with Benfica. The right of preference required that the lions pay 60 percent of that value - are entitled to 40 percent of the value of a new transfer, guaranteed in the sell signed at the beginning of last season - and even that respected the salaries and years of contracts offered by the Benfica.

Of the three million payable by Benfica, 40 percent will be in Huelva, another 40 will go Alvalade and 20 percent for Carlos Martins.

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