quarta-feira, 16 de julho de 2008

Sporting ensures Argentine Alexis Quintulen

The young Alexis Quintulen, only 16 years, was secured as strengthening the Sporting. The Argentine is, in fact, in Lisbon. Do not come alone, however. With Alexis Quintulen traveled a lawyer from San Lorenzo de Almagro, who formed the club average couple organizer of game. This is to try from Sporting a payment that works the way of compensation for the rights of training the player.

The San Lorenzo de Almagro calls, rest, 450 thousand euros for the couple and 30 percent of future sell, according to Argentine newspapers. The Sporting could also engage the player without having to pay the Argentine club, but because of the existing good relations since the days of taking on the San Lorenzo the Pipi Romagnoli believes can convince the Sporting to pay something for the formation of the player.

Quintulen already was in Alcochete Academy, and last Friday until peek the training of the core team, the selection of backpack argentina their backs.

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