quinta-feira, 28 de agosto de 2008

Barcelona - Sporting (analysis of the confrontations): an eliminatory lost seven minutes to the end

Twelve wins, five draws and six defeats. This is the balance of Barcelona with Portuguese teams in matches in European competitions.

The Sporting will have the second time in its history to face the Catalan giant, after being eliminated in the second eliminated from the UEFA Cup 1986/87.

The "lions", trained by Manuel José, lost by 1-0 at Camp Nou, a result of a goal from Julio Alberto to 73 minutes. In the second game, in Alvalade, the elimination reached seven minutes from the end.

The Mexican Negrete (40) and Briton Ralph Meade (60) turned the eliminatory, but Roberto, with a large remate from outside the area, secured the clearance of Barça.

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