segunda-feira, 25 de agosto de 2008

Celsinho and Sporting: "I believe that will reach the title"

The average doesn't cease to be very attached to the "lions", not least because it continues to live in Alcochete, and a day of anniversary, is surrounded by players of the initial unfair: "I see always the Sporting. But I am a little suspect to talk. I have a regular meeting with my old comrades. I believe that the team will reach the title."

The player still leaves the idea of having a good relationship with the coach of Sporting and explains that the change was given, especially, "for not having rhythm": "It is a team that I like and admire. Paulo Bento always told me under what conditions and what was needed to improve. We have always been honest with each other. It is a very intelligent person and is observing me. Although, know what I can do."

The objectives of this season go by "doing a good Estrela da Amadora in the season to return to Sporting". Celsinho leaves, at least, the idea of being optimistic about the future.

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