sábado, 30 de agosto de 2008

Club already looking Yannick Djaló

English clubs have already asked by Yannick. The advanced unfair will be followed closely in 2008/09, but negotiating the basis of 30 million frightens potential stakeholders.

The manner by Yannick Djaló beginning of this season has earned him the call to the National Selection and has not passed unnoticed by several English clubs, which have moved the market in order to know what the conditions for the rescue of the "lions" advanced. But for now, the names of potential stakeholders are in the secrecy of the gods, because everything is still in its infancy.

The 30 million euros registered in the termination clause in the player's immediate and prevent progress, for now, potential stakeholders choose to wait to see how will process is the development of end-of-launches.

During the season, the José Alvalade Stadium will receive many more spies from the various stops and especially those of England, promises to be very careful Yannick.

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