terça-feira, 26 de agosto de 2008

Days decisive for Hugo Viana

The possibility of Hugo Viana be loaned to Racing Santader - Francisco Pernia, president of the club, Valência was the talk with his counterpart about this possibility - is very remote and the player Portuguese continues to peek the possibility of returning to Alvalade.

However, the settlement of terms with the club where he also align Miguel and Manuel Fernandes remains complicated. The medium not agree to be impaired the financial to leave the Spanish flag, but the chance of getting the entire season to train with the Valência (not an option for the game of Supertaça with Real Madrid) is not encouraging and the market to move towards the closure there must be compromise of the parties, so Hugo Viana lives decisive day on the definition of their future.

The "lions" approached the question of a long-term loan to try to make the transfer, but the truth is that this hypothesis has not been very well received by officials of the club che. Redeem Viana gain a stronger case João Moutinho leave, but the most likely scenario is the continuity of the number 20 in Alvalade and of Hugo Viana ... in Valência.

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