terça-feira, 26 de agosto de 2008

Liedson postpones renewal

Liedson believes that this is not the ideal time to treat the subject as delicate as the renewal of contract. The recovery of damage to the knee and return to the goals are your priorities. In December acquired Portuguese nationality, which could facilitate the jump.

The issue of renewal of contract of Liedson was approached about two weeks ago, when the entrepreneur of the player, Gilmar Veloz, went to Lisbon to complete the renewal of contract of Anderson Polga. The prospect of "lions" is to propose a link player valid, in principle, by 2012, holding now the player and thus prevent the possibility of this can invoke the law Webster to get out of Alvalade.

However, it found the A Bola, Liedson believes that this is not the best time to start treating the subject as delicate. First, the levezinho is in the process of recovery from surgery on left knee; moreover, the path of the 31 years that complement the December 17, Liedson still maintain the hope of aligning one of the major championships Europe.

The position of Liedson is justified by the fact that the process of acquiring Portuguese nationality can be completed at the end of this year. From there, the Community status facilitate him to the very life such as the leap abroad.

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