quinta-feira, 28 de agosto de 2008

"Objective is to move Sporting to eighths-of-final", took Paulo Bento

The coach of Sporting, Paulo Bento, assumes that the purpose of "lions" in the Champions League this year is to ensure the move to eighths-of-final. In statements to the site of Sporting, the "lions" of technical claims that the group, which includes Barcelona, Basel and Shakhtar Donetsk "is a different group, because it has a powerful team and is favorite, contrary to what happened at other times, where there were two favorite teams will move on to the next stage."

The technician admits that his team is able to achieve an unprecedented clearance, until the recent history: "This year there is a clear favorite and are placed in a group more balanced, but it can't do with that we think we will have facilities. In last season eliminated the Swiss champion Shakhtar Donetsk and failed to pass the stage of groups. We will find them in a climate different from us and to which we are not used", warned.

Paulo Bento will stressed that Sporting the need to "fight" to move to end-of-eighths of proof "Our aim is that", said "We will have six games complicated, each with its level of difficulty. It is important to our public with us", he concluded.

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