sexta-feira, 22 de agosto de 2008

Pedro Silva in the bank, Vukcevic still out

Paulo Bento called Pedro Silva for the game of the first day of the League, with the Trofense. Although the Sporting still expect a notification regarding a possible punishment, given the expulsion in particular with the PSV, the right side was already out of Supertaça, so now back on the options.

Miguel Veloso meets a game of punishment and therefore is also called outside, and Simon Vukcevic, by this option. On the list of invited to Supertaça, and beyond Veloso, leaving even Adrien and Ronny.

List of invited:

Goalkeepers: Rui Patrício and Tiago;
Defenders: Pedro Silva, Carriço, Polga, Tonel, Abel, Caneira, Grimi;
Midfielders: Izmailov, Rochemback, Pereirinha, Romagnoli and João Moutinho;
Forwards: Derlei, Tiuí, Postiga and Yannick.

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