sábado, 23 de agosto de 2008

Romagnoli talk about goals and expulsion "right" of Polga

Romagnoli, the Sporting player, after the victory of the "lions" on the Trofense in the first game of the day Portuguese League (3-1):

"What the Sporting wanted was to make a good game and win. I think that in the first part, play well, we have three goals. In the second part, with the expulsion of Polga, everything is a little complicated, but I believe that Sporting is a fair winner."

[What is the opinion of the bid Polga and the expulsion of large penalty?]
"We have not yet seen, but they were saying that the absence was outside the area. The expulsion is proper because it was the last man, but I think that was outside the area."

[It is a low important for the game with the Sp. Braga?]
"Yes, because Polga is a good player and the team is lacking. But we have other athletes who can do the same work."

[Do you think you are able to earn a place in the eleven?]
"Working for this, after Paulo Bento is who decides whether or not game."

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