sábado, 16 de agosto de 2008

Supertaça: Caneira left, Grimi and Veloso in the bank

Marco Caneira will to hold the end of Supertaça with F.C. Porto, on the left side of defence. For it was possible to establish Grimi is in the bank, as Miguel Veloso.

The mid-field unfair will be formed by Moutinho, Rochemback, Izmailov and Romagnoli. Derlei and Yannick Djaló play in the attack.

SPORTING: Rui Patricio; Abel, Polga, Tonel and Caneira; João Moutinho, Rochemback, Izmailov and Romagnoli; Derlei and Djaló.

SUBSTITUTES: Tiago, Grimi, Ronny, Carriço, Adrien, Miguel Veloso, Pereirinha, Tiuí and Postiga.

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