terça-feira, 16 de setembro de 2008

Businessman announces proposed for removal from Vukcevic

An entrepreneur from Vukcevic, Zoran Stojadinovic, will send this Wednesday to the SAD Sporting a proposal for 4.5 million euros for the transfer of the medium, after not having been able to talk with Pedro Barbosa in Barcelona.

"I met him this morning, but told me he could not speak with me today because of the game", said the official on Maisfutebol, which, given the successful director with the unfair and fundamentally with Vukcevic, pledged Tuesday in new hands proposal for the exit of the player.

"Not to say that there is interest from other clubs in Vukcevic, tomorrow [Wednesday] even send by fax an offer of 4.5 million euros", said Zoran Stojadinovic, who referred to the disclosure of the Sporting interested in hiring the Montenegrin international.

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