sexta-feira, 26 de setembro de 2008

Caneira, Vukcevic and Izmailov fail derby... for injury

Marco Caneira, Vukcevic and Izmailov absences are confirmed in the Sporting derby this Saturday, in Luz, front to Benfica.

The coach of the Sporting said that the three players are injured. "Caneira, Vukcevic and Izmailov not play. The three are injured. What has Vukcevic? A sprain. If it were not injured, would be convened," said Paulo Bento.

The coach tried to break any possible link between the recent controversy caused by statements of player injury and contracted this morning, just minutes from the list known to be summoned. "I count on the player", insisted.

In the clinical records released this morning before the start of training, consisted Vukcevic as fit, similar to what happened with Caneira. It was anticipated that Izmailov did conditioning work in the lawn.

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