quarta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2008

Paulo Bento: "Without discipline a difficult team won"

Paulo Bento considered the route as coach of Sporting and exciting about the "cases" of Simon Vukcevic, Stojkovic and João Moutinho. The two foreigners have expressed on several occasions, the intention of playing the holder. Already the Portuguese international made public the desire to leave. What is more serious for the testing of "lions"?

"Neither one thing nor another. A player that wants to play has no problem, now doesn't promise any that play forever. The Simon say that want to play and not give well with the bank, had no influence on the choices for Supertaça, to Madrid or to the game with the Trofense. The decision of Moutinho, if you want to put it in the same bag, I am not pleased neither the form nor the timing as it did. As captain has its responsibilities, but it is not appropriate to stop playing not to remove the armband. To express desire to leave is not a problem, which needs to know how and when it does. The Stojkovic not stopped playing for what he said. Now it is true that there are situations that can throw the team spirit is not the best. He stopped playing because it was injured. Today is an asset of Sporting with the same rights of all others, but the players also have duties", said in an interview with SIC Notícias, continuing: "Without discipline hardly a team wins."

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