quarta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2008

Soares Franco and the relationship with Queiroz: "Nothing has changed"

Filipe Soares Franco, President of Sporting, he said, before the Portugal vs Denmark game, that nothing has changed in the relationship between the club and unfair Carlos Queiroz, who was considered "personan non grata" in Alvalade before assuming the post of national selector:

"I hope that the selection made a good game, that win and, as a further step forward in this clearance, a stage that has been good and I hope to continue to be."

[on the relationship with Queiroz] "The Sporting is a club with history, memory and responsibility. We recognize our mistakes with humility. When the facts on crime, we hope that the others do so too. So far nothing has changed. The Sporting always had cordial relations with the federation, the selection and its breeder."

[recalling the reasons that led to disagreement with Queiroz] "Even in the last closure was a similar situation, and Manchester United do not like."

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