sábado, 6 de dezembro de 2008

Polga and Liedson with specific training on return to work

Polga, Liedson and Pedro Silva were spared in training this Saturday's of Sporting, in the Academy, after the victory of the day before by 3-1 in Amadora, in front of the Estrela. As the clinical director Gomes Pereira explained at the end of the meeting of the 11th day, the overload of games under the conduct of individual drills, what happens to the three Brazilians, who became only the gym.

Paulo Bento started this morning in preparation for the meeting with the Basel, scheduled for Tuesday in Switzerland. Grimi, who was replaced on 22 minutes by Caneira in Reboleira, plaintiff is a "myalgia in the back of the right thigh" and not trained as Romagnoli, who became only the gym.

The Sporting returns to work this Sunday, again at 10.30 hours, in Alcochete.

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